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(Total Quality Management)

Our “way of life” is called Total Quality Management

For Omatics, quality is not only limited to our products. It applies also to all our procedures, as well as how decisions are made and how situations are dealt with - in this way moving towards business excellence. The main priority for business excellence is to fulfill customer needs and expectations.

At Omatics, responsibility for quality management does not lie with the quality management personnel. Rather, total quality management is a fixed element of the thinking- and action-taking processes of all staff, and is strongly supported by the Corporate Management Team.

Consequently we speak not only about Omatics quality management system, but about an integrated management system which serves as a global base. The management system is documented in a complete manual. This document outlines our obligations and responsibilities, describes the management-, business- and support processes, and also considers the requirements of quality and sustainability, including environment, safety and health.

The Management System follows the “Foundation for Quality Management” model, which supports us on the way to Business Excellence.

Efficient, highly developed IT systems support our business activities and contribute substantially to qualitative operational processes.

The Company goals and objectives are clearly defined and transferred by means of Performance Management, through all levels of the employment hierarchy. Deviations from the given targets are corrected by continuous improvement processes.

Regular reviews and audits guarantee that the management system is regularly reviewed and updated to ensure continual improvement.

For Omatics, Total Quality Management is not only a catch-phrase. Total Quality Management is collaboration and a part of everybody’s daily life.

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