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Personal and Mobile Resource Tracking

Personal Tracking

The Omatics Personal Tracking solution allows you to monitor your loved ones including but not limited to kids, teenagers, elderly parents and pets.

The Omatics solution enables you to monitor the activity of specific individuals rather than the vehicle and allows you to receive reporting on any activity that may take place outside of the predefined geographic boundaries. Alerts can be generated based on individual requirements.


Mobile Resource Tracking

Often companies deploy their most valued employees in the field to help with coordination of a major event or organizing a show in a specific area. The Omatics solution allows you to track your mobile resources like Coordinators, Event Planners, Greeters, Host/Hostess, Wait Staff, etc. and lets you track their whereabouts when the location is a major outdoor event or when it is spread out across different venues.

Knowing where your resources are deployed in real time on a map allows you to mobilize the resources to areas where there is highest customer demand. Mobile resources can also use the Omatics solution to check in, notify of breaks and report an emergency situation that requires immediate management attention.

Personal & Mobile Resource Tracking

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