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Geographic Information Systems(GIS)

Part of Omatics business development is focusing on data integration and digital knowledge transfer using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and spatial modeling techniques.

We provide innovative ways to use spatial data, GIS and predictive modeling to create business opportunities and improved management for our clients. Using knowledge accumulated by research, industry and clients, models can be created to effectively capture and selectively disseminate important and valuable insights and information.

We will harvest all available and appropriate data, assess its validity, reconstruct that data into various custom compilations, add our expert industry knowledge and process data compilations into highly useable formats (primarily a GIS). Storing data in a format that is ready for your GIS allows it to be mapped, shared easily between different user groups and provides the potential for integration or modeling of data that is difficult to associate through other means.


Our GIS capabilities include the creation and maintenance of environmental databases, data conversion (e.g., from CAD, GPS and other GIS formats), mapping, spatial analysis and environmental modeling.

Omatics combined GPS/GIS capabilities facilitate accurate and clear presentation of spatial data including development of both desktop and internet server based GIS’s employing:

  • Orthophoto interpretation and digital image manipulation
  • 3-dimensional aerial photo interpretation
  • Tablet Digitizing
  • Internet Server based GIS application development
  • Hardcopy and digital map products
  • Database development
  • Stand-alone map and data CD’s

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