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Digital Mapping
With the help of the satellite images GIS has proven to be one of the most successful tools for Disaster mapping. Zonation mapping can be completed using terrain categorization. With the help of Zonation mapping, impact assessment for the damages can be done more efficiently. GIS can be used effectively in disaster management in the field of planning, decision making and response to disaster.
AM/FM (Automated Mapping/Facilities Management) projects and Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
This includes Raster-to-Vector conversion; this process takes the maximum the efficiency in drafting corrections, Geocoding images and digitizing
Contour mapping/Topographic mapping
Contour is a line that joins points of equal altitude used to illustrate elevation and topographic relief of an area. They show the height of the ground with respect to any base level. The important use of contour is it represents three dimensional features on two dimensional surfaces. The topographical maps provide the information about natural and man made features.

Use of contour and topographic mapping serves as a base for future projects. Topographic maps are very valuable in the project of exploration, natural resource planning, rural and urban development.
Thematic mapping
Thematic maps can be maps based on population, population density, literacy rate, livelihood or other theme based criteria. By bringing together data from a different sources into different themes, one can visualize trends of data that can be easily analyzed.
Parcel mapping
The most important component of GIS is to deliver map with micro accuracy levels. Governments and land owners develop cadastral maps for assessment of land values for tax purposes.

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