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GPS Temp-O-Matics System
The Premier Temperature Monitoring Solution for the Ground Travel Industry:

Temp-O-Matics Dashboard
Lets you remotely track and collect data about your temperature-sensitive shipments and maintain records to share across cold chain management partners.
Omatics Omatics Temp-O-Matics delivers the tools you need to;
  • Monitor & effectively control temperature of refrigerated products.
  • Secure transport of Cold chain distribution like fresh produce & frozen food, seafood, ice-cream, etc.,
  • Transport of pharmaceuticals & blood and other perishables.
  • Help reduce risk and minimize your exposure to loss, damage or theft of high value cargo.
Temp-O-Matics GPS remote monitoring is recognized as accurate and reliable in the industry with complete time and temperature data.
Temperature Report

Detailed Analysis of Temperature vs Time/Distance/Speed report provides valuable insight for any Business Owner.
Real Time Location Reporting & Replay
The Omatisc GPS Tracking System uses Google Map to provide the current location and status for each vehicle. Omatics solution is configurable to fit both practical and budgetary needs. Omatics GPS fleet management system typically updates every 2 minutes, and as often as every 10 seconds! Omatics built-in replay capabilities allow you to monitor vehicle route including temperature of refrigerated product.
Improving the effectiveness cold chain management practices will ensure the freshness & quality of perishable goods
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